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More Investors. More Capital. 

          Grow Your Investor Base with Our Social Media Outreach Outreach

Why RawFunds

Increase your social media presence and attract investors for your real estate projects.

Expand your reach

RawFunds helps you increase your social media presence, allowing you to reach a larger audience of potential investors for your real estate projects.

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Build credibility

Your potential investors are searching for your presence on the web. With RawFunds, you can ensure you have a cohesive brand that can be found on all major platforms. Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and more? Don't worry, we got you covered. 

Grow your investments

With RawFunds, you can attract more investors for your real estate projects, leading to increased funding and the ability to grow your investments.

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Ready to Attract Investors?

“RawFunds is a great platform to attract investors for real estate projects. I would recommend it to anyone looking to grow their investments.” - Steve Hernandez

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