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Turn Social Influence into Real Estate Wealth 

Unlock Real Estate Wealth Through Your Social Reach with RawFunds


RawFunds bridges the gap between the energetic world of social media and the solid ground of commercial real estate investment.

We're looking for lively Social Media Influencers ready to convert their digital presence into real wealth. As a Capital Raising Specialist, you’ll showcase RawFunds' exciting real estate ventures to your followers while stepping onto a path of financial growth yourself."

How it Works

Image by Étienne Beauregard-Riverin


  • A strong social media presence on any platform with a genuine interest in real estate.

  • Great communication and community engagement skills.

  • Ability to create relatable and engaging content.

What’s in it for you?

  • Earn a share in the commercial properties acquired through your capital-raising and other efforts, building your own real estate portfolio.

  • Enjoy working remotely while broadening your financial outlook.

  • Be part of a lively and supportive team aiming for financial growth.

Image by S. Tsuchiya

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